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ABOUT US                                       


Kingdom Candidates was started when a pastor became frustrated and discouraged by the church hiring world.  He found that the hiring model by committee (or single staff person) was outdated. It created either a long and laborious process or churches ended up hiring the first warm body available. This rush to hire often ended up being a bad fit for the position and the church. The business world, on the other hand, had adapted to offer church staffing consultants—but repeatedly it is cost prohibitive for the local church. For many churches, consultants are not an option that is sustainable—you end up spending a large percentage of your budget hiring one person. We’ve all seen this scenario play out. It’s ineffective and it is not healthy for the staff team or the tithing church!



THE PASTORS: with every job post, there are hundreds of talented pastors seeking employment that get lost in in-boxes and thousands more pastors from small/mid-size churches that are dedicating crucial ministry time to hiring that next pastor or admin instead of focusing on human hearts that need to be invaded by the love of God.


SEARCH COMMITTEES and ADMIN STAFF: when this group posts a job, there is one guarantee. Their in-box is about to get bogged down by hundreds of emails from interested candidates. It’s a non-conventional declaration that they are about to weigh deeply into the deep dark abyss known as “vetting the applicants—one—candidate—at—a—time.” They start pouring over hundreds of cover letters, resumes, pictures, and clicking all those links to YouTube and Vimeo to watch pastors preach. They attempt to organize the massive list of candidates.  “Keepers in this pile, maybe’s in that pile, trashcan for the undesirables, who was that one solid preacher again? Where did we place his/her Statement of Faith, Philosophy of Ministry, and their Personal Salvation Story?” Instead of praying for the future candidate and preparing an effective onboarding process that benefits the candidate, his/her family, and the church, they are crippled by administration.


THE CHURCH: the chaotic and disorganized nature of hiring unduly stresses relationships and thus the heart of God’s people.



Your search committee has gone digital!

Here at Kingdom Candidates we have a heart for pastors to become known and for churches to find them affordably. Our goal is to make church staffing simple. Whether your church contracts us to manage your search process or you want to hire on your own, we are here for you! We’ve created a digital platform that magnifies the candidate and the church. Candidates can create a dynamic free profile that allows them to post videos, photos, and talk about their work experience, their personal story, philosophy of ministry, statement of faith, and attach anything else they deem relevant to getting hired (i.e. personality profile). Further, we’ve taken an advanced step and posted a series of questions broken down into three categories (Associate/Lead Pastors, Family Ministry Division, and Worship Pastors). These questions ask candidates about their background, leadership, ministry experience, and their theology. What is more, the Q&A section is 100% private only viewable to churches that candidates apply to and to churches that are given specific permission by the candidate. As we said, we desire pastors to become known, we just want the candidate to control by whom.


Second, we have created a platform for Churches to post jobs and create their own church profile. Churches can tell their story, write about their geographic location, add pictures and noteworthy articles, and post videos about their church. To help candidates become informed about their church, we too have created a 100% private Private Church Profile (PCP) section where churches can upload position papers, attachments, and answer questions about their church culture, their mission/vision, the strengths and weaknesses of their church, and other questions relevant to the job they are hiring for. And it gets better! Churches can organize applicants into their ‘favorites’, 'maybe', and ‘denied' and then give only specific candidates permission to view their Private Church Profile (PCP). By the time churches initiate that first job interview both church and candidate will be superbly informed about one another. As we said, we are here to make church staffing simple. Welcome to the next generation search committee.