Candidates can create a dynamic free profile that allows you to post your resume, videos, sermons, photos, spiritual gifts, skills, and tell your personal faith story. And that’s just the first part of your profile that is visible to all churches looking for candidates. Then comes the Private Profile feature, the part of your profile that is 100% private visible only to churches that you apply to and to churches that are given specific permission by you the candidate (yes, churches can find you on here and request that you apply, cool eh?). What does the Private Profile include? This is the bread and butter of your professional profile. The private profile includes your philosophy of ministry, statement of faith, and anything else you deem relevant to getting hired (i.e. attach personality profile, strengths finder results, church planter profile, etc.). It also includes a series of questions that are broken down into three church categories (1. Lead/Associate Pastors, 2. Family Ministry Division, 3. Worship Pastors). Be sure to answer the questions that relate to the job categories that you want to get hired in (i.e. site pastor, lead pastor, women’s pastor, youth pastor, etc.). The questions ask about your background, leadership, ministry experience, and your theology. Again, the private profile section is 100% private only viewable to churches that you apply to and to churches that are given specific permission by you the candidate. God’s blessing on you in this season of life! We think you deserve to become known and hired.


Welcome to the platform that brings your search committee into the digital age. We value efficiency and organization. As such, we have created a digital platform for Churches/Employers to post jobs, create their own appealing church profile, and organize applicants. Churches can tell their story, write about their geographic locations charm, add pictures and noteworthy articles, and post videos about their church. And that is just the portion of your profile that is visible to all candidates. To help candidates become even more informed about your church we have created a Private Church Profile (PCP) section where you can upload your churches position papers, attachments relevant to your hire, and answer questions regarding your church culture, mission/vision, the strengths and weaknesses of your church, and other questions pertinent to the job/position you are hiring for. Again, the PCP is 100% private accessible only to candidates that you (churches) have given explicit permission to view. Speaking of applicants, all the information you need about them is one click away and downloadable. Check out their profiles and organize them into three categories, ‘favorites’, ‘maybes’, and ‘denied’. The net result? By the time you initiate your first job interview both church and candidate will be superbly informed about one another. As we said, we are here to make church staffing simple.